European Heritage Day


September 19th and 20th , 2015

Every year, in the third weekend of September, French heritage opens the doors of its history to you. A chance to discover a wealth of sometimes undreamed of treasures, not far from home.

Cross the drawbridge of a château in Brittany, disappear into the depths of a cave in the Ariège region, open the gates of an eminent Parisian residence … Because they are a chance for everyone to discover French heritage free of charge, the European Heritage Days are a huge success every year. This event for the general public was started in 1984 by the ministry for culture and, it attracted more than 10 million visitors these past few years. Among the most popular sites are the château de Versailles, government buildings (the Senate, the Elysée Palace, etc.).

Don’t forget, these Heritage Days are also an opportunity to visit the hidden treasures of less well-known sites such as banks, courts, prefectures, chambers of commerce etc., all sorts of buildings that are usually closed to the public or rarely visited. Of course, the success of the European Heritage Days is down to the wide range of heritage for visitors to enjoy: industrial or agricultural artefacts, parks and gardens, archaeological sites, furnishings, literary, river and military heritage…All types of heritage are showcased.

The official European Heritage Days website allows you to look for an event by region, department, theme or type of site and to prepare your day out.