“Les soeurs de Napoléon” Exhibition





Musée Marmottan 2 rue Louis-Bolly 75016 Paris – Métro La Muette


From October 3rd 2013 to January 26th 2014, at Musée Marmottan-Monet, house of the first empire we discover Pauline, Caroline and Elisa Bonaparte, Napoléon Bonaparte’s sisters.





Napoléon’s sisters are the center of a new exhibition: brought to power by their brother, the three women – Pauline, Elisa and Caroline distinguished themselves by their spirit, their beauty and their elegance.
Throughout 140 personal remains Musée Marmottan’s exhibition relates the destiny of those women who were so attached to Napoléon’s glory. Indeed, Napoleon will be present all through their lives, giving them responsibilities.
Elisa, Pauline and Caroline will be married by their brother to princes or Italian generals, as he wished to institute power in Italy.
Thanks to his sisters, Bonaparte becomes king of Italy in 1805; they will therefore be considered as princesses in Italy.
Musée Marmottan wished to underline the particular destiny of those three women, which was decided by their brother: imperial princesses, they were more than nobles at their time, political women at birth of important decisions.